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          Sales hotline:0512-80806580
          Sales a:Manager Chen 13962156729
          Sales department two:Manager He 13915592685
          Sales of three:Manager Tang 13914072149
          The fax: 0512-80904899
          Mail box: szhkgl@szhkgl.com 


          Suzhou huakai filtering technology co., LTD sit Fall on the historical and cultural city of suzhou, located in the prosperous Yangtze river delta...


          Suzhou huakai filtering technology co., LTDSpecialized is engaged in the fluid filtration industry, is an independent research and development, production......
          • SX static mixer

            SX static mixer…

            HK-SX type static mixer unit is composed of a cross bar composed of many X unit according to a certain rule. Widely used in polymer mixing, ketone benzol dewaxing base oil, pulp bleaching, oil injecti…
          • Basket filter core

            Basket filter c…

            Basket type filter and filter basket, basket filter. Mainly used SUS304, 304L, 316, 316L stainless steel wire mesh, stainless steel sintered mesh, sintered felt filter, the main structure of the nozzl…
          • Polypropylene folded filter series

            Polypropylene f…

            Series MMP-I folding polypropylene filter has the characteristics of high velocity and high dirt holding capacity, is the most economical pre filter, has been widely used in the fields of pharmaceutic…
          • Automatic scraper filter

            Automatic scrap…

            Scraper for HK-XG self-cleaning filter using rotating scraper and lifting cylinder scraper, on-line automatic cleaning impurities and dirt, consistent operation to maintain continuous operation, appli…
          • Sucking type multistage self-cleaning filter

            Sucking type mu…

            Sucking type self-cleaning filter is divided into two stage filtration, the coarse filter screen to remove large particles in the water, avoid fine filters to avoid such large particles damage, suctio…
          • Parallel column tube back flush filter

            Parallel column…

            HK-GS-S1 tube automatic back flushing filter and as a plus hydrogen cracking, hydrogenation modification, and pre filter reactor for hydrogenation and hydrodesulfurization device can effectively preve…
          • Bio pharmaceutical

            Bio pharmaceuti…

            ● The pharmaceutical industry production and injection medicine filtration injection needle bottle washing water filter
            ● Decolorization of liquid and powder activated carbon filtering decarbonization
          • Water treatment application

            Water treatment…

            ● Heavy metal wastewater, electroplating wastewater, circuit board production wastewater, hot dip galvanized wastewater
            ● Fluoride containing wastewater
            ● Coal mine waste water filter
          • Food industry

            Food industry

            ● High maltose syrup, glucose liquid activated carbon ultra fine precision filtration
            ● Decarburization decolorization and filtration of monosodium glutamate
          • Paint decoration

            Paint decoratio…

            ● Electrophoresis paint filter
            ● Filtration process
            ● Phosphating liquid filtration
            ● Electrophoretic paint remover
          • Fine chemical industry

            Fine chemical i…

            ● Sulfuric acid, hydrogen peroxide, alcohol filter
            ● Filtration of sulfuric acid, phosphoric acid, methanol, ethanol and acetone
          • Petrochemical industry

            Petrochemical i…

            ● Filter lubricating oil, aviation kerosene and other petroleum products
            ● Separat…

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